¿Tú también odias los phrasal verbs? Hace unos meses os presentamos información sobre qué son, cómo se forman y cómo han surgido los phrasal verbs. Además incluimos una lista con aquellos más utilizados. Os recordamos que se trata de expresiones informales que los ingleses usan en su día a día y, que para nuestra desesperación, su significado no suele tener ninguna lógica aparente.

Pero no caigamos en angustias innecesarias, no todo está perdido.  Para ayudaros vamos a concentrarnos ahora en bloques de phrasal verbs. En primer lugar, hemos decidido empezar con los que usan la preposición “DOWN”. Os ofrecemos a continuación una lista con ellos, además tenéis un ejemplo con el que podéis ver cómo se usan. Nuestro consejo: no intentéis memorizarlos todos. Seleccionad los que creáis que son más útiles y concentrad vuestro esfuerzo en ellos (por ejemplo, podéis ponerlos en uso escribiendo nuevas oraciones)

Ante todo… ¡Mucho ánimo!

CLOSE DOWN Cerrar (para siempre) PUT DOWN Sacrificar (animal)
GO DOWN Bajar/ponerse(sol)/ ser recordado FALL DOWN Caerse
BREAK DOWN Averiarse/venires a bajo (anímicamente) GET ME DOWN Deprimir
POURING DOWN Llover a cantaros CALM DOWN Calmarse
PLAY DOWN Restar importancia a TEAR DOWN Derribar (usando las manos)
BLOW DOWN Derrivar (el viento) BRING DOWN Derrocar
CUT DOWN Talar/Reducir gasto FLAG DOWN Hacer una señal con la mano.
NARROW DOWN Reducir (tus opciones) SQUAT DOWN Ponerse de cuclillas
SLAM DOWN Arrojar violentamente CHOP DOWN Talar
TURN DOWN Bajar HAND DOWN Legar/Transmir en herencia
NOTE DOWN Anotar TIE DOWN Atar/Comprometerse
SLOW DOWN Disminuir velocidad COME DOWN Bajar
WIND DOWN Relajarse LIE DOWN Acostarse/Tumbarse
JOT DOWN Tomar nota de RUN DOWN Venido a menos (adj)Hecho polvo (adj)
PULL DOWN Bajar (persianas) / Derribar SIT DOWN Sentarse
TONE DOWN Reducir tono MARK DOWN Anotar/Marcar
CRACK DOWN ON Tomar medidas duras


After three years without any benefits, they decided to close down the company.

Alfred Hickock will always go down in the history as one of the great directors.

When she saw her exboyfriend with another girl at the party, she broke down. She was crying all night. //The car broke down in the middle of nowhere!

I’ll get soaked to the skin! It’s pouring doing outside!

If you want the job you must play down your previous failures and emphasized your successes. // He was very angry so I tried to play it down.

The force of the gale blew down several houses in Nepal.

The company is facing hard times, so they have to cut down on expensive.

I couldn’t save as much money as I’d expected so I’ve narrowed my holiday options down to the cheapest ones.

The teacher slammed down the book on the table.

Please, turn down the radio. I can’t study.

If I hadn’t noted down his instructions, I wouldn’t have remembered how to do it.

It’s pouring down. Please, slow down! We can have an accident!

After three months working tirelessly, I was able to wind down in my Summer Holidays.

I remember when I was at university; I just used to jot down the main ideas in lectures.

I always pull down the shades at night.

You can’t talk in that way to your mother. You should tone down the language you are using.

The US government is cracking down on piracy on the internet.

I think I will never have another dog. It was really hard when we had to put down our old dog, Pepo.

On the way to work I slipped on and fell down.

I don’t know why, but rainy days always get me down.

After the accident she couldn’t calm down, she was absolutely shaken.

The town council has decided to tear down the old building because it is unsafe and dangerous.

The government was brought down after weeks of popular uprising.

Quick, there’s a taxi coming. Flat it down.

He was squatted down on the ground, glancing at my daughter while she was playing with the flowers.

Every year more and more trees are chopped down in the Amazon.

Family traditions have been handed down through the generations.

I don’t want to get married and be tied down in the family responsibilities. I need my freedom.

It was really scary, seeing the raining coming down in bucket as we waited in our tent.

When I arrived home I was exhausted. I just lie down on the sofa and fell asleep instantly.

I was really run down yesterday. Nothing went right at work.

Please, sit down! The lesson has begun.

Soon he was marked down as an eccentric man.

¡A por todas! No olvidéis que vuestro inglés sonará más informal y natural si habláis usando phrasal verbs.

Greetings from EUROSPEAK!!!  (tu sitio de Inglaterra para aprender inglés)

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