Homophone Words

Las palabras homófonas son aquellas que se pronuncian de igual forma pero que tienen distinto dignificado y generalmente se escriben diferente. Aquí hay una lista con algunos de los más utilizados:

Homophone Words

Meat – Carne

Vegetarians do not eat meat

Meet – Quedar

Where shall we meet for lunch?

Pair – Par

Let’s go buy a new pair of shoes

Pear – Pera

The fruit contained a banana, an apple and a pear

Hare – Liebre

Have you read the story about the tortoise and the hare

Hair – Pelo

My hair is a mess!

Break – Romper

Be careful around the figurines because they break easily

Brake – Freno

Press gently on the brake to slow the car down

Bear – Soportar

I can’t bear this burden any longer

Bare – Vacío

The cupboards are bare

Cent – Centavo

The poor man only had a cent to his name

Scent – Perfume

I love the scent of gardenias

Dear – Querido

This poem is very dear to me

Deer – Ciervo

There were seven deer grazing in our pasture

Die – Morir

I hope my plants don’t die in this heat

Dye – Teñir

Rebecca wants to dye her hair purple

Flour – Harina

The recipe calls for two cups of flour

Flower – Flor

She put a single flower in the vase

Son – Hijo

My son is presently in the military

Sun – Sol

The sun is hidden behind the clouds

To – A/Hacia

Katie went to town

Too – También

I want to go to town, too

Two – Dos

Why don’t the two of us go town tomorrow?


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