CURIOSIDADES: Cómo comenzar una conversación con un británico

Para la parada del autobús, en el ascensor, en una tienda o simplemente porque te apetece entablar conversación

“Lovely day, isn’t it!”lluvia blog

“Bit nippy today.”

“What strange weather we’re having!”

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop raining today.”


Attitude to weather

Si alguien se queja sobre el exceso de lluvia, puedes oir… 

“Never mind – it’s good for the garden.”

Si alguien se queja porque hace demasiado calor…

“At least my tomatoes will be happy.”

Si la conversaci’on ha sido sobre el mal tiempo en general…


“Well, I’ve heard it’s worse in the west. They’ve had terrible flooding.” 

Prediccion del tiempo

“I think it’ll clear up later.”

“It’s going to rain by the looks of it.”

“We’re in for frost tonight.”

“They’re expecting snow in the north.”

“I hear that showers are coming our way.”

Human attributes

“The sun’s trying to come out.”

“It’s been trying to rain all morning.”

“It’s finally decided to rain.”

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