To accuse ofTo apologise forTo apply for

To ask about

To ask for

To believe in

To belong to

To blame for

To borrow from

To compare with

To complain to about

To concentrate on

To congratulate on

To crash into

To depend on 

To die of 

To divide into

To dream about

To explain to

To forgive for

To happen to

To hear about 

To insist on

To invite to

To laugh at

To listen to

To look after

To look at

To look for

To look forward to

To object to 

To pay for

To persist in

To prefer to

To prepare for

To protect from

To provide withTo punish forTo remind of (me recuerda)

To remind about (recordarle a alguien algo)

To run into (something) (estrellarse) / (someone) (atropellar)

To spend on

To shout at (someone) (angrily) / to (someone) (para que se entere)

To smile at

To speak to (someone) about (someone / something)

To succeed in

To suffer from (an illness)

To take care of

To talk to (someone) about (someone / something)

To thank for

To think about (someone / something) (reflexionar sobre algo, recordar)

To think of (pensar en algo, imaginar, recordar)

To throw at (someone / something) (para golpearle)

To throw (something) to (someone / something) (para que lo coja)

To translate (a book) from (one language) into (another language)

To wait for

To warn about

To write to



According toAccustomed toAfraid of

Frightened of

Terrified of

Scared of

Proud of

Ashamed of

Jealous of

Envious of

Suspicious of

Angry about / with

Annoyed about / with

Furious about / with

Anxious + about

Aware of

Conscious of

Capable, incapable of

Crowded with

Delighted with

Pleased with

Satisfied with

Disappointed with

Bored with

Fed up with

Different from

Excited about

Worried about

Upset about

Famous for

Fit for

Fond of

Full of

Keen on

Married to (someone)

Engaged to (someone)

Good at (doing something) / for (someone / somethingBad at (doing something) / for (someone / somethingExcellent at (doing something) / for (someone / something)

Nervous of

Nice of (someone)

Kind of (someone)

Good of (someone)

Generous of (someone)

Mean of (someone)

Stupid of (someone)

Silly of (someone)

Intelligent of (someone)

Clever of (someone)

Polite of (someone)

Rude of (someone)

Unreasonable of (someone)

Prepared for

Ready for

Responsible for

Short of

Similar to

Sorry about (something) / for (doing something)

Successful in

Surprised by

Shocked by

Amazed by

Astonished by

Tired of

Used to

Impressed by

Interested in


knowledge of interest in experience of

ability in 

skill at 

success in 

expert on / at 

opinion of 

Attitude to 

Respect for

Sympathy for 

Belief in

Attack on 

Trouble with

Difficulty with

Answer to

Solution to

Key to 

Way of

Method of 

Cause of 

Reason for 


Invitation to Application for The cost of 

A lack of

No hope of

A tax on 

Relationship with/between

The contrast with/between

A connection with/between

Increase in/of

Decrease in/of

Rise in/of

Fall in/of

Reduction in/of

need for 

request for 

desire for 

demand for 

Wish for

Preference for

Taste for

Apetite for


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