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valentina 2

VALENTINA: Eurospeak Language School is very welcoming and allows you to learn better English, but beyond that we get to know many people from different nationalities.

What I like best is that you can see the different cultures from Italy to Spain to Russia, India, England and many other countries. Another thing that I really like at Eurospeak is the atmosphere as it’s made ​​up of people willing to help those in need.

claudiaCLAUDIA: Eurospeak language school is very welcoming; teachers are ready to help in any way when you need it, also all students. Learning English in a multicultural school I think is one of the best things because you can get to know people different cultures

fillipoFILIPPO: I love the familiar and relaxing environment. All my classmates are friendly and fun. The receptionist is always happy to help you and Office’s team are very nice! My teacher is very patient and interesting.

andreaANDREA:  I love this school! I’m having such a great time with students and teachers (and I’m learning too hahaha)! You are great guys, thanks for everything :-)


elviraELVIRA: This is a perfect school – the teacher (Grant) is fantastic, lessons are highly informative and always interesting, the management is responsible. And apart from that, there are a lot of social activities for students – parties, picnics.

aliciaALICIA: I am delighted with the school, with the dynamics of the classes and teachers



meryMERY: Hello, I can recommend this English school because 3 I have improved my English, which in nine months could not do on a college, staff and faculty Eurospeak are very kind and friendly, if you come to Reading you have to come to Eurospeak



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